General Introduction

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Dance & Art Alive is internationally recognized as one of the most successful dance consultants and professional performance providers in Nigeria since 2004; managing premium venues for dance classes and social dancing, training and creating job opportunities for youths, and providing spectacular entertainment for corporate & social events. Our core area of competence are on international festival activities, professional dance performances, stage productions with social relevant themes, social dance classes for individuals/groups and corporate end of year events.

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We have managed events, dance classes and staged productions in London – Manchester – Leeds – Bristol in England, Glasgow – Edinburgh – Bannockburn – Aberdeen in Scotland, South Africa, Mombasa & Nairobi in Kenya, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Cameroun in Africa Locally we have consulted and managed annual events for corporate and private clients. They include – ExxonMobil, Chevron, Capital Oil and Gas, Century Energy Services, Toyota Nigeria, FRANCO Chamber of Commerce Lagos, NLNG, La Casera, DSTV, The Lagos Yacht Club and other clients.

Our current subscriber demographics are as follows

Target market: The Millennials, Gen-X, Tech-Savvy, Upwardly mobile & Mature

Engagement Platforms: Online/Digital [Social media, Email newsletters & SMS]

Engaged subscriber base:

Facebook: 15000+ {Mr Buddy salsa, Salsa in Nigeria & partners etc.}

Instagram: 100,00+ {Buddy Agedah & Salsa in Nigeria & partners}

We have already engaged a PR/Marketing plan that seeks to push the engagement to a minimum of 200,000 subscribers before the end of 2019.

Since 2010, we have in partnership with several international partners hosted and participated in salsa/Latin dance & music festivals aimed at boosting international relations and promoting tourism in Nigeria and other countries.gi1

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