Director’s Profile

Buddy Agedah – summarized profile
Buddy Agedah is the Director of Dance & Art Alive. He has a strong passion to empower the youths, this is why he constantly trains thousands of youths who are now successful in the dance industry.
Part of his achievements : –
1. Managing Director of Dance & Art Alive
2. Festival Director. The organizer of the West African Afro-Cuban Dance & Music Festival Nigeria & Co-organizer for Ghana.
3. Nigerian consultant / representative for Festival International de salsa Benin Republic 2014 / 2015 & 2016.
4. Nigerian consultant/dance representative to Africa Salsa Congress in Ivory Coast 2014
5. Owner of Buddy Dance TV
6. Founder and president of Salsa Naija (Salsa in Nigeria),
7. Number 1 Latino/salsa DJ in Nigeria
8. The organizer of the West African Salsa/Latin Dance Congress Lagos-Nigeria, 2013
9. Kizomba, Bachata and Cuban salsa instructor in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen in Scotland 2011 – 2013
10. Introduced Kizomba, tarraxinha and advanced bachata in Nigeria
11. Awarded dancer of the year 2009 by Future Awards,
12. Pioneer Cuban salsa instructor in Nigeria.
13. Head of couples dance competition for International Dance Organization Nigeria
14. Head of couples dance championship for Spirit of David.
15. Promotes salsa and other dance activities across West Africa and the United Kingdom.
16. Taught, danced and performed in Nigeria, South Africa, Mombasa & Nairobi in Kenya, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, London/ Manchester/ Leeds/ Bristol/ Glasgow/ Edinburgh/ Bannockburn, and  Aberdeen in the United Kingdom to mention a few.
17. Produced, directed, choreographed and performed in the dance shows Copacabana, Eye of the Tiger, Dance With Purpose, Second Chances & A Dangerous Game.
18. Instructor on Spirit of David’s Celebrity Takes 2 seasons 1&2 and the Maltina Dance All Family Show also as a judge.
19. He frequently tours the UK and other African countries where he teaches with leading salsa instructors and promotes Salsa/Latin dance growth in Nigeria.
20. One time Secretary General National Union Of Bayelsa State Student NUBSS.